Why Hot Face Sauces


The Hot Face Sauces company was created in June 2014 by Richard and Erica Mathews and represents a shared love of chillies and spicy food and a desire to produce a high quality range of chilli sauces at affordable prices.

Our sauces are made with the finest, freshest, locally sourced ingredients possible including fresh chilli, onion, garlic and UK manufactured vinegar.

Only natural ingredients are used in our sauces which means there are NO artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or chemical extracts (our sauces are actually made with chilli!)

We strictly monitor the levels of salt and sugar used in our sauces to maintain a healthier and better tasting product

We offer a full range of sauces from the Very Hot to the Very Mild so there is something for every pallet and every chilli tolerance.

Today the company sells and manufactures over 30 000 bottles of chilli sauce a year both to retailers and direct to consumers and is growing rapidly.

Convinced? It’s time for our sauces to speak for themselves Visit our shop now.