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Why do Business with us?

Simple...we provide you the products your customers want!

You've seen our great selection of chilli products in our SHOP right? You'll be delighted to learn that we have an incredible array of items available for wholesale. 

And even better, you and your customers can take advantage of our great prices.

Our products have a proven track record of commanding high sales, at all times of the year which means your sales in this sector will increase delighting you and your customers!

Our existing retailers have a high stock turnover with our products. This means that, if you are successful in your application, revenue and profit will increase whilst space for stock will be kept to a minimum.  Oh and worrying about Sell By Dates will now be a thing of the past.

We pride ourselves in our flexible approach to doing business which means that whatever your needs, we will be able to create a custom solution that fits perfectly within your organisation, and more importantly, your budget.

Just get in touch with a member of the Hot face team to see how we can create your perfect package.

Looking for larger quantities? No problem.  We have the capacity to deal with any size order from market stall to multinational conglomerate!  Plus, larger orders qualify for fantastic bulk discounts!

Sound good?

If you would like to know more, and to see our Wholesale Price List, then get in touch right now. You can download the Wholesale Application Form below, fill in the below Contact Form, e-mail us at or call us on 01405 469 609.


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